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LIR Training Course

This course is restricted to RIPE NCC members only.


The LIR Training Course is a one-day introduction to the RIPE NCC's administrative procedures and RIPE Policies related to obtaining and distributing Internet resources (i.e. IP addresses, AS Numbers and reverse DNS delegation) and operating a Local Internet Registry (LIR). The course includes a basic introduction to the RIPE Database.

You should attend this training course: if you are a staff member of a Local Internet Registry (LIR) in the RIPE NCC service region.


This course is especially useful for new LIRs. You need to have a basic understanding of:

  • IP addresses and subnetting
  • BGP and routing
  • DNS operations

Course content

  1. The Internet Registry (IR) System
  2. The RIPE Policy Development Process (PDP)
  3. The RIPE Database
  4. IPv4 Resources
  5. Independent Resources
  6. IPv6 Resources


  • Know how to interact with the RIPE NCC
  • Know how to request Internet number resources
  • Understand how IP addresses are distributed
  • Understand how policies are developed
  • Know the basics of the RIPE Database

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