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Basic IPv6 Training Course

This course is restricted to RIPE NCC members only.


The Basic IPv6 Training Course is a one-day course that tackles what IPv6 is and why it's needed in today’s networks. It also includes basic information on how to plan your deployment and addressing plans.

You should attend this training course if you are part of the staff of a Local Internet Registry (LIR) and if you:

  • Are thinking about deploying IPv6 in your organisation
  • Have been told you need to deploy IPv6
  • Need to convince your manager that IPv6 must be deployed
  • Looked at an IPv6 address and thought it was too complicated to deploy in your network


It is assumed you are familiar with common IP terminology and have practical knowledge of running an IP network.

Course content

  1. IPv4

  2. IPv6 Address Basics

  3. Getting it

    • Exercise: Making Assignments

  4. IPv6 Protocol Basics

    • Exercise: Addressing Plan

  5. IPv6 Packets

  6. Deploying

    • Exercise: Configuring IPv6

  7. Real Life IPv6 Deployment

  8. Tips

The course doesn't cover:

  • Technical details of IPv6
  • How to configure routers, servers or other devices for IPv6
  • How to operate a Local Internet Registry (LIR)


  • Explain what IPv6 is and its format

  • Identify the different types of IPv6 Addresses

  • Learn about obtaining an IPv6 allocation, address space types, and registering them in the RIPE Database

  • Explain the IPv6 protocol functions with focus on the Neighbor Discovery Protocol and address auto-configuration

  • Understand how best to plan an IPv6 deployment

Training material

The latest version of the training material is available here.

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